Adopt, Don’t Shop

There are so many breeders out there, but as there are many breeders, there are also a load of homeless and shelter dogs. Some of you may take it as, “We buy from breeders because they are registered and they have a good blood line, they take care of them and they know what they are doing…”

That may be a valid point, but it’s not valid enough for me. Not all breeders know what they are doing. They can tell you that they are breeders, but then they actually mean that they are “backyard breeders”.

You don’t actually know how true that is as it can be two cross breeds that they are breeding, or whether they have health issues or not. And in the future you will end up with the problems.

Even the best bred dogs end up in shelters, not only the cross breeds. And to make a valid statement, all dogs love the same. Some love harder because they know how it feels to receive no love, they know how it feels to be unwanted.

10 Signs of Back Yard Breeding

I also read an article a few weeks ago about “Pitbulls being one of the aggressive dogs in the world”, yeah right… they are how you raise them. If you raise them to be aggressive towards other animals and people, then it doesn’t make the dog a bad breed, it makes you a bad owner. This does not go for dog breeds that are instinctively very protective of their owners. They love you, you are their life and they will protect you with their own.

We have 2 Bullterriers (which is also one of the most dangerous according to a recent article). People also said that children should never go near them because they are most likely to bite – BUT out oldest Bullterrier kept a little girl away from the swimming pool because she didn’t want the girl to fall into the pool and drown.

25 Dangerous Dog breeds

You say that dogs are stupid? I say that they are more intelligent than most people because they know right from wrong (even if they still tear your couches after you scolded them – they know it’s wrong but they like the attention).

To come back to the whole point of adopting… It’s better in a lot of ways. If you adopt, you don’t just give them a second chance, but you save their life.

Adopt, Don’t Shop

Shelters are getting too full, they don’t have enough space for all the animals. Where do you think the animals go if not adopted? What do they do? They put them down. I know this because I worked at a waste company that one of the shelters used to remove the dead animals from their freezers to go and dump in a ditch.

It’s the harsh truth. I didn’t know that this is what happened until I started to work there. But do you see the reality in all of this? Of adopting instead of buying at a breeder? There are so many puppies, small, medium, large and beautiful dogs that get put down. I will not say how many they put down weekly. But it is enough to fill a huge waste bin.

So what would you choose? Save a life or take over another knowing that you killed another?

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